Friday, October 20, 2017

Red Ribbon Week Activity

Natural High 2 : Anti Drug Abuse Video

Red Ribbon Week:
Monday - Please watch this video with your students: 

Handout the Ribbons and the Drug-Free Pledge Cards to each student.  Please go over the pledge together with your students, then have each student sign the card.

Also, each class is being asked to create a drug-free poster and post it up in your window or outside your room. On Friday the posters will be judged and the 1st place poster will receive an ice cream party.

Week At a Glance: October 23rd- 27th


Don't forget to check your timecard by going to this website:    Don't forget...yellow forms, if absent last week, are due to Ms. Dailey by Tuesday morning.  (Log-in is ID badge # and last 4 digits of SS#)  If there are any mistakes, e-mail Ms. Dailey and cc: Ms. Schuler, so corrections can be made.

Week of - October 23rd                  Week 10 of 36
  Oct. 23
      Oct. 24
        Oct. 25
      Oct. 26
Character Pumpkin
due to school
Individual Picture Day

Medel Open House
*GPE Personnel
exit building by 4:30

NO Students in LMC

Girl Scouts Assembly
1st/2nd gr. Girls
1:50 - 2:10

3rd/4th gr.Girls
2:15 - 2:45

Book Parade
(see schedule)

Final Voting for Character Pumpkin

                                                                      Mendel Book Fair October 25th - November 1st
                                                                      *GPE LMC in Collaborative space (see email from Ms. Benitez for schedule)                              
ATTENDANCE MUST BE TAKEN EACH DAY AT 9:30 AM (send folder to front office)
All Anchor Charts need to be organized by subject and neatly arranged.  
Please make sure charts are relevant to the unit of study.

Upcoming Events

   Oct. 28th            RTI Conference (MOC)
   Oct. 30th            Math Writing Prompt (2nd/3rd/4th)
   Oct. 30th            All PEIMS due to Ms. Schuler
   Nov. 8th             Progress Reports Go Home
   Nov. 11th           Project Savings Smiles
(select students -GPE/Mendel)
   Nov. 14th           Written Communication Assessment
   Nov. 15th           Reading Assessments (3rd/4th)
   Nov. 15th           Milk Truck @ GPE (see schedule)
   Nov. 16th           Math Exam (1st/2nd)
   Nov. 17th           Prairie View A&M 9:00 - 2:00 PM
(select students)
   Nov. 20th-24th  Thanksgiving Holidays

Field Trips:
Dec. 11th         Second Grade/SLC- Houston Zoo 9:00 - 2:00 PM

Lesson plans must …
be in Eduphoria by 7:15 AM Monday
…include authentic hands on activities.
…all bulletin boards must be up and relevant to instruction.
….classroom libraries must be organized by topic, category and interest
      WISE thought……

Faculty & Staff Birthdays

Please click on this calendar to add your birthday for this school year!
We would love to celebrate YOU!

Thursday, October 19, 2017



Library Updates

Book Fair

Staff please make sure to come make your purchases no later than 11 tomorrow morning. I will be shutting down, and if your items are still on the back counter they will be put up. 

Book Fair Hours for Friday
8-11:00 AM

Image result for scholastic book fair fall 2017 theme


Starting next week, I will have an additional check out time, in the 400 Collaborative Space. 

I know that I only see some of you ONCE during our 15 day Rotation, so this should help us to get our students new books regularly. 

I will be Library on a Cart, during normal ancillary and we will meet in the 400 Collaborative Space as well as extra check out times.

The BLUE highlighted areas are the times that you may send TWO students at a time to the Collaborative Space for EXTRA Check Out. 

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Benitez - Library on a Cart
Benitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a Cart
Benitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a Cart
Benitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a Cart
Benitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a Cart
Benitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a CartBenitez - Library on a Cart

Image result for Check out


Book Requests: Please email me with book requests that you need. (Be advised if you are requesting books, if they are ordered from other campuses they MAY OR MAY NOT make it in the time you need. So please give me at least 1-2 week notice.)
Lamination Requests: Remember to please give me up to 2 day turn around, and each yard cost $1
Poster Requests: Posters are $1 for small posters and $1.50 for larger posters
Die Cut Requests: Please fill out the form in the RED bucket on my desk and put the request on my keyboard or in my hand!
Image result for Requests

Benefits Preview for Aldine

For your reference:

How to Videos for your CBs and PB

Here's a few guides to assist you with using the Chromebooks:

Looking for ways to use your Promethean Board? Below are a few videos with some helpful tips on how to use the PB with your students. Please let me know if you would like hands on assistance!

How to Login, Change Input, Switch Users, On-Screen Keyboard, and moving Promethean board, Windows 10 Handout:
Start Menu, Power Option, User Options, Adding tiles, Removing Tiles, Resizing Tiles, Tablet Mode Handout:
On- Screen Keyboard, Moving Windows, Shake Method, Split Screen, Windows Store Handout:

How to right click and write on the board Handout:

Handout: How to use Airserver with a Promethean Board
*NOTE: This only works on District Devices--not sure personal device on the district's public WIFI.

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