Sunday, September 9, 2018

Literacy Events & Activities

Dot Day

On September 17th Greenspoint Elementary will be celebrating Dot Day. The Dot is a
book written by Peter Reynolds. The Dot is about getting started — getting unstuck.
It is also about creative teaching of that provided a student with a growth mindset by
exploring an idea in many ways, and sharing her gifts with others.

Please follow the link provided for more ideas about DOT DAY.
Please follow the following link to sign up to bring your class to celebrate in the Library!
There is also a scavenger hunt...and you know when there is a hunt...there is a prize!!!

***will continue updating on this post for the year***

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Campus Updates


Please stop by the LMC to see if you have any badges ready for pick up. I am currently waiting on lanyards for the rest of the badges that have already been printed. 

I will start calling down students for pictures throughout this week and next, but IDs will not be delivered until lanyards arrive.


Please check to make sure that you sign up to bring your class to the LMC or make plans to send students down for book check out. I am in the Universal Screening Rotation, therefore students will not be allowed to check out books during library time, if they are testing.

I will place LIBRARY PASSES in your boxes by the END OF TODAY!


BrainPOP is being updated throughout the district and will be down until September 14th. Sorry for any inconvenience.